Review Central

Review Central gives you assurance that money isn’t being lost internally through your systems and processes. We provide a level of comfort to you so that you know that someone else is keeping an eye on those areas of business which you don’t see day-to-day. Review Central aims to give you the confidence to trust what is going on around you.

Internal Audit

Review Central will come to you and check:
  • Money in & out of the business.
  • Staff and separation of duties.
  • System access and highlight who sees what.

Review Central will remotely access your systems and:
  • Use diagnostic testing to check your processes for anything unusual.
  • Run our money “in and out tests” to see that it is all above board, and show you where your money goes.
  • Review your financials and highlight variances and issues that need answers.
  • Run our unique security and control tests over your business.

Business System & Process Review

Review Central will look at all your systems and processes. Our report will highlight changes and cost savings available in your business.
Our Internal Review looks at:
  • Management.
  • Staff.
  • Processes.
Our External Review looks at:
  • Supplier's cost's.
  • Your service provider's costs including accountant's & lawyer's costs.

Rapid Review Process

Talk to us about our unique one or two day rapid review process that highlights those opportunities in the business that are currently being missed. Clients who have used this process are amazed at what they find out about their business. Our experienced licensees will take you, and your team through this process.

Business Financial & Structural Review

Review Central will look at your legal and financial operating structure including financing arrangements, tax structures, and owner's remuneration, and report to you on any improvements available

Some of the output you can expect from Review Central

  • A full management report of our findings and recommendations.
  • If requested ongoing internal checklist for you and your business.
  • An ongoing remote access testing program to give you sleep at night.