Quantifier offers a quantity take off service, for Builders, Building Companies, Building Supply Merchants, DIYers, and Architects. Quantifier is made up of an Auckland based head-office and uses independent estimating contractors around the country who preform QS Services for clients both of Quantifier and others in their area.

When your building company is handed a set of plans for a new job, save time and hassle on estimating by outsource the job to Quantifier. The team at Quantifier use the CadMaster and BuildMaster Pro estimating software to create quantity take off’s. These estimates can then be e-mailed to you as a PDF, imported into your own BuildMaster Suite or saved to an Excel spreadsheet. All you need to do then is simply add any extra pricing or subcontractors work and you will have your finalised quotation ready to give your building client.
Quantifier operate on a simple fee basis. we charge a set sum per square metre to estimate the cost and quantity of materials needed with a minimum charge per job. When you send your plans to Quantifier, they will be distributed to the appropriate contractor by area who will complete the estimate task for you.

No client or job is too big or too small - talk to us today for more information on how our service can assist you.