A Web-based Accounting & Business Management System Providing Solutions for Businesses Desiring No Limitations

About eAccounts

eAccounts, written in New Zealand, has been in business for over 10 years quietly building a robust business solutions system for Medium Enterprises from the ground up, whilst being a totally Web / Cloud based solution.
With its integrated Shopping baskets (supporting both B2C & B2B), Staff Task Management, Newsletter generation and electronic publication system and CRM, eAccounts is a true one-stop solution for all of your business system needs.

eAccounts has helped some industry recognised brands throughout NZ, Australia and across the Pacific. Customers have experienced improved processes and reduced costs. Customers have the power to use a single ERP business management solution that they can access anywhere.

Why use eAccounts

eAccounts is a web-based, full-function, accounting system to make your business work when you need it, where you need it, on any device.

Gone are the days of having an expensive server in your offices that forces you to work from that location only. eAccounts hosts the equivalent of this on Amazon cloud servers, and all you need to do to access your business's financials is to login from any browser in any location.

eAccounts provides an accounting system for clients with all sizes of businesses. eAccounts have clients using the system with:

  • 5000+ customers.
  • 200+ staff.
  • 30,000+ product lines.
  • 30+ branches.
  • $50million+ turn over.
  • Operations across multiple countries simultaneously.

  • eAccounts is available for a low fixed monthly subscription fee, with no per user costs.

    Key Features

    How It Works

    eAccounts provides one seamless business management solutions with the integration of its powerful modules:

    ERP Supplier Management Software


    The eAccounts system can store and organise supplier information.
    This function give you the power to easily keep track of current purchase
    orders for each supplier. Having organised supplier information means
    more efficient in stock management. The system gives you the ability to
    order stock from corresponding suppliers when required, limiting out
    of stock information.

    ERP Inventory Management Software


    eAccounts allows you to quickly view and manage inventory. Its “Stock”
    feature allows you to look up stock, edit / add new stock items and reorder
    stock. Stock management reports are generated so you know how much
    stock you currently have by giving you min and max quantities detailing
    what needs to be reordered.

    ERP Manufacturing Management Software


    eAccounts can organise components and raw materials to help streamline
    your manufacturing process. The system has intricate stock grouping
    capabilities allowing you to organise stock such as raw materials by creating
    kits, and kit families. This feature means you are able to organise materials
    in a way that best works with what materials are required for each production
    line process, letting you quickly know what stock is required and when.

    ERP POS Software

    Point of Sale

    eAccounts has its own built in point of sale system that can be integrated with
    existing scanners and printers while being based in the cloud. This means staff
    can access the point of sales register from any computer anywhere by opening
    a browser. Giving your sales team the ability to close sales in store or on the

    ERP Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Software

    Creditors & Debtors

    eAccounts allows you to have unlimited creditors and debtors in the system.
    You can set accounts up with customised pricing levels and apply diffrent rules
    to different accounts. This segment of eAccounts seamlessly links to key areas
    such as banking, stock and CRM. While doing this it provides you with the ability
    to generate numerous reports and statements to keep account management
    under control.

    ERP CRM Software


    eAccounts has a built in customer relationship management system that allows you
    to organise your database and stay in contact with customers. eAccounts own
    customer contact system allows you to store customer correspondence on file and
    quickly look it up when needed. It also boasts the ability to build customised monthly
    newsletters and automatically send them to all customers without using a third party

    Accounting Bookkeeping and Business Consulting Logo

    Outsourced Administration

    Running a cloud based accounting system means that administration tasks can
    be easily outsourced. External chartered accountants can be given access to
    your eAccounts system where they can Log-in and manage administration tasks
    such as annual accounts and bookkeeping, without you having to call or email.
    This gives you more time to focus on the front end of your business while
    knowing your business is being well looked after.

    ERP Ecommerce Software

    E Commerce

    eAccounts can be linked directly to your web store. The front end of your website
    has the ability to talk with eAccounts keeping stock levels accurate. eAccounts
    has built-in shopping basket functionality for both B2C and B2B customers allowing
    customers and trade businesses to see their unique pricing.

    ERP Task Management Software


    eAccounts is a lot more than just an accounting system it’s also a great staff
    management tool. In eAccounts each staff member is appointed their own
    individual log-in. Strong user rights capabilities allow you to specify what areas
    staff have access too. As the manager you can see which staff members are
    logged in and track what staff are doing. The System also hales a useful task
    scheduling feature that can be used to setup and assign tasks to staff members
    then monitor that tasks are being completed.

    ERP Payroll Software

    Payroll Intergration

    eAccounts offers payroll integration with all major payroll systems

    ERP General Ledger Software

    General Ledger

    eAccounts intelligent General Ledger module can be used for powerful reporting.
    The General Ledger allows for multi branch and multi-currency organisations.
    It has full integration with your sales and stock and runs full bank reconciliations
    that automatically imports data from your bank.