Software Solutions

eAccounts Global

eAccounts is a web-based, full-function, accounting system with lots of smart features to make your business work effectively on any computer. Gone are the days of having an expensive server in your offices that forces you to work from that location only. eAccounts hosts the equivalent of this in its ultra secure data centre, and all you need to do to access your business's financials is to login from any browser in any location. The worries of data loss from not having backups are eliminated. eAccounts is backed up multiple times a day and then verified on a stand alone backup server offsite as ultimate proof to its validity.

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Financial Portal

The Financial Portal is an online reporting tool that makes financial information useful. The user-friendly portal provides meaningful reporting on a monthly basis to give insight into the critical success factors of a business.

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Builda Price is a cloud based software solution, crafted specifically for builders and subcontractors to financially review jobs. The Builda Price program helps builders create accurate pricing quotes for jobs while reducing the time required to do so.

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Build Master

Buildmaster software offers built-in procedures and formulas for a range of building trades to help in the estimating and planning process. Buildmaster alongside the Cadmaster software offers an estimating solution to handle the difficult and time-consuming process of estimating and quoting building and construction projects.

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Tablet and Phone Applications

Out There is developing multiple phone and tablet applications to improve management and operational functionality for businesses. This is being done through collaboration with our team of innovative developers.

New Products

Out There has a range of new solutions currently in the pipeline to help make improvements to business operations